Welcome to Awaretrepreneur Tribe


We are a Community of Conscious Entrepreneurs, Mentors & Coaches coming together to inspire & support each other in becoming skilful & more fully realized in our Business & Personal Lives.  

We can then successfully navigate challenges, seize opportunities, bring our projects to life & positively impact our families, clients & communities.


This is a unique Business Networking & Peer Mentoring platform...  

  •  Here, you’ll find an incredible array of open-hearted entrepreneurs & business owners seeking to make a positive difference in the world, raising the vibration of others rather than just raising profits. 
  • You’ll grow beneficial relationships to give & receive insights, skills, tools & support - to help you continue to grow in your professional & personal life. 
  • In this Tribe, we are co-creating a new culture of collaboration instead of competition. Here, we evolve to become a new generation of Awaretrepreneurs who rise by lifting each other.

  • As Awaretrepreneurs we believe balanced Personal Growth is the path to sustainable Enterprise Growth. The experience of growing your enterprise then feeds back into further personal development.
  • Sharing this growth journey within a supportive Community of Mentors & Peers helps you to integrate the many lessons that arise as you face & overcome the many challenges you encounter along this fulfilling pathway. 
  • The ongoing committed support of those on a similar journey provides some of the rich, dark soil of relationships which enables & empowers your ongoing balanced growth.

Why Awaretrepreneur Tribe? 

Relationships - build real connections with Peers & Mentors.

Skills - upgrade & future-proof your business & personal skillsets.

Contribution - give & receive genuine support as you navigate challenges.

Clarity - clarify your values & your project ... develop your authentic identity.

Productivity - be empowered in achieving your business & personal goals

The Primary Process - we achieve all of these through the depth of connection created inside our LIVE fortnightly ONLINE All-Tribe Gatherings - as a whole Tribe and also as smaller private mentoring groups we call our Mentor7 Clans. 

VideoOne of the members talking about her Tribe experience...

The Secondary Process - through Tribe members reaching out to give each other support through Buddy Calls, the online platform, the mobile App, in-person meet-ups, live events, retreats and the 'Give to Receive Economy'. 

The 8 Pillars are the important areas of our Personal & Business lives where we get to express and put into practice the 8 Core Values - through our Attitudes & our Actions...

VideoAnother member shares her experience and Rich unpacks the 8 Pillars a little...

An open letter from the Awaretrepreneur Tribal Council...

Dear Prospective Tribe Member, we are excited to reach out and invite you to join the Awaretrepreneur Tribe - a Business Network & Peer Mentoring platform where we're focused on personal growth, conscious entrepreneurship & creating positive change.

- Here at the Awaretrepreneur Tribe, we wholeheartedly believe in the power of interconnectedness and integration. We bring together extraordinary individuals who possess both Golden Souls and Golden Hearts – people who exude a deep sense of purpose, empathy, and an unwavering desire to make a positive difference in the world.

 - Our philosophy revolves around embracing the wisdom of the natural world, prioritizing social well-being and environmental sustainability. All while embarking on an exciting journey of personal and professional growth.

 - As a member of the Awaretrepreneur Tribe, you'll find a supportive and nurturing environment where you can truly flourish. Our vibrant community offers a diverse range of resources, events & connections that will empower you to unleash your full potential.

 - Whether you're seeking guidance from experienced mentors, looking to collaborate with like-minded individuals, or simply craving a space where you can freely express your ideas, the Awaretrepreneur Tribe is here to provide it all. Expect thought-provoking discussions, transformative workshops, and networking opportunities with remarkable changemakers who are already making waves in their respective fields.

 - We're passionate about fostering an atmosphere of authentic connection, where deep conversations and shared experiences can ignite the sparks of inspiration and fuel your journey towards creating lasting impact. So, we invite you to take the leap and join us on this incredible adventure. Together, we'll embark on a path of personal growth, entrepreneurship, and positive change. Your unique perspective and innate talents will undoubtedly contribute to the rich tapestry of our community, and we can't wait to witness the impact we'll create together.

 - To accept this invitation and become an official member of The Awaretrepreneur Tribe, simply click here to choose a plan. Upon joining, you'll gain immediate access to our exclusive members-only portal, where a world of inspiration awaits. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out. We're here to support you every step of the way

Faithfully yours... the Awaretrepreneur Tribal Council                   

  •  Rich Latimer  - Founder & Mentor
  •  Martyn Hume Cobbe  - Co-Founder & Mentor
  •  Ann Morgan  -  Mentor
  •  Solano Domingos  -  Mentor
  •  Shirley McKinnon  -  Mentor
  •  Michael Grosvenor  -  Mentor
  • Naomi McFarland - Mentor


Rich & Martyn chat with Marc Mawhinney of Natural Born Coaches about the Tribe

 Awaretrepreneur Tribe Membership 

This Membership Level includes… 

  • Fortnightly 2-hour All-Tribe Gatherings with 30 minutes in break-out groups of 6 members.
  • Support, insight & clarity through meetings & buddy calls towards the fulfilment of personal & business goals.
  • Connection with all members through the online platform and the mobile app.
  • Fortnightly Wisdom Classes in valuable business & personal growth strategies and mindsets.
  • Tribe Induction and personal & business vision setting process.
  • A supportive community that encourages collaboration & mutually beneficial relationships.
  • Tribal Foundation of 8 Core Values provides a platform for contribution, transparency, openness & true friendship.
  • Access to WisdomBank of members’ proven resources across the 8 Pillars framework.
  • Access to recordings of All-Tribe meetings, Workshops and selected Wisdom Classes.

Mentors & Coaches Membership...

This special Tribe membership offering is for Mentors and Coaches (Personal & Business) who want to -

  •  develop their income potential

  •  grow their network of Peers and Clients

  •  give and receive higher levels of service & support

  •  share wisdom, build relationships, and engage clients

  •  develop special interests and support groups

  •  teach workshops & run courses inside the platform

  •  gain valuable feedback inside a supportive community

Mentors & Coaches Membership includes all the elements of Tribe Membership

PLUS, these additional benefits for Mentors & Coaches

  • access to a private Mentors & Coaches Clan for deeper networking and collaboration. 

  • ability to promote their workshops & services inside the Tribe.

  • be inspired, supported & mentored by Peers with decades of relevant experience.

Mentor7 Clan Awaretrepreneurship

Small Group Mentoring Membership includes...

All the Elements of Tribe & Mentors Membership


  • Exclusive fortnightly 2 hour Clan Gathering with 1 mentor & 6 regular members in meeting.
  • Individual 90 minute Clan Initiation/8 Pillars Review session with Clan Leader.
  • In-depth individual mentoring in Clan for business & personal growth.
  • Healthy culture of support and accountability inside Clan for all members.
  • Productivity & project management system for personal & professional goals.
  • Fortnightly Buddy Calls with fellow Clan members to build relationships.
  • Access to recordings and written summaries of all Clan meetings.

VideoMartyn shares about the accelerated growth potential of the Clan framework...

The 4 Personal Benefits...

  • Mentoring - receive mentoring from Leaders & fellow members in achieving measurable professional & personal growth.

  • Clarity - gain clarity on strategy & next action steps for your project & personal development.

  • Accountability - be accountable & supported in doing the work of taking action on your personal & business challenges.

  • Skills - upgrade, broaden & future-proof your skillsets as you share your growth journey with an inspiring team of your peers.

The 4 Community Benefits...

  • Connection - build relationships inside a culture of aligned values with a balance of structure & spontaneity.

  • Support - be supported by a caring community committed to your success, delivered with both encouragement & challenge.

  • Contribution - have a real impact by helping fellow members in developing their projects with your wealth of knowledge & experience.

  • Friendship - enjoy friendships as they arise while you build understanding & trust through supporting each other in building fulfilling lives & enterprises.

When you attend an All-Tribe meeting, you come away...

  • uplifted & energised around your Inherent Value & your Purpose.

  • with clarity around next steps on a growth Pathway for your project. 

  • with skills, tools & tribe support to stop procrastinating & start taking action on your important Personal & Business Goals.

VideoA member talks about the Tribe's impact on his physical health...

 🌱 A Message from Awaretrepreneur Tribe Founder - Rich Latimer 🌱


"In my early days as a struggling business owner, I was constantly looking for the right kind of support to develop my business, while feeling safe enough to be vulnerable about what's really going on for me as a human. Having grown up exposed to tribal and indigenous methods of peer-led mentoring and support then having tried every type of mastermind, coaching, workshop, business consultancy and program, I found I was craving grounded, authentic and transparent feedback. I needed genuine guidance and most of all accountability to really grow my business and myself in unison. I also felt that the culture of competition and domination in business had left me feeling isolated, discouraged, and it lacked empathy, love and the fundamental values of support, collaboration and encouragement. So I created the Awaretrepreneur Tribe app/platform, where personal growth and business development meet." - Rich Latimer - Awaretrepreneur Tribe Founder

Tribe Vibe & Testimonials...

I’m actually really pleased that I chose to become part of the Awaretrepreneur Tribe. If you have never heard of it, take a look at this Podcast interview with #naturalborncoaches that provides some insight to the unique approach that this international business network has taken… I have been involved with many business networks and coaching programs, but this is the one that makes my heart smile 💞 #awaretrepreneur #foundmytribe #businessnetworking

Kerry Howard - Psychologist & Author of How to Heal a Workplace and The Trouble with Trauma

What it means to be in the Awaretrepreneur Tribe…What an amazing ride it's been. Meeting such great people and learning great things we're able to implement. You are truly creating a special place for people to visit. The meetings, the interactions, the stories, and the honest heartfelt moments that are experienced during these times. It's an awesome space in which to grow and to belong to.

It's been a wonderful journey so far.

David Sanders - Management & Leadership Coach

When I first came along, I was very clear about one thing. I was lost, I didn’t feel like I belonged anywhere. I’ve now found that sense of belonging in this community. It’s where I want to come and have a chat. The good thing is everyone is very human and super smart. We're able to talk about a whole range of topics, business and personal. There's emotional stimulation, there's also intellectual stimulation, it's the whole cocktail really. I get bored easily if I'm not being stimulated emotionally, mentally or in many other ways. I'm still here and I continue to make an effort to come here, which says a lot.

Anupam Singh - Entrepreneur, IT Systems Consultant

What I've really gained most from this community is my improved confidence. It's grown my skills, through me becoming more conscious and aware of what my unique skills are. I’m now more connected to my vision, my goals and it's great being connected with  everyone else in my Clan. It's given me an improved vision of what I want and who I want to be, and that’s priceless.

James Last - Air Safety Systems ADF